Handy Templates

Sell yourself. With simplicity.

Job Descriptions that Sing and Pitch-Perfect Profiles

The best candidates have their pick of the jobs out there. So you need your Job Description to sing to them and your Company Profile to be perfectly pitched.

Hireday has a suite of professional grade templates that will help you pitch your company and your roles to engage the best talent, without croaking it.

Our templates bring you through the process in a way that is comprehensive but never daunting.

Tried and Tested

Want to test candidates? Just choose from a wide selection of candidate assessment templates to put potential hires through their paces.

Roll out Automatic Responses

Hireday also has templates for all your candidate communication needs, from automated replies to updates to rejections. It can auto-send personal responses to keep applicants in the loop and maintain a professional approach with potential candidates.

You can also customise all our templates and save modified versions on the system for future use.