Manage Candidates with Ease

Everything you need, in one place

Manage your recruitment documentation

Hireday stores all your candidates’ resumes, tests and documentation in one place so you’ll never have to worry about misplacing a CV or losing track of an application.

Even if your applications are coming in through a variety of channels, you can access them all through your Dashboard.

You can also store your company profiles, job descriptions, offers and more in one location to help you with future hiring efforts.

Review applications objectively

It can be hard to keep a track of the best candidates if you’re being inundated with applications. So how can you come up with a more objective shortlist?

Hireday gathers all the applications in one place so you can assess all your candidates in one sitting.

Having all the info to hand lets you judge each application on its relative merits and puts the science back into your candidate selection.

Facilitate collaboration within your team

Everyone on your team that needs to have an input into the process can see the whole picture and comment on elements of it at any time.

Trying to share information with other people doesn’t have to be difficult. This streamlined system means that everyone involved in recruitment can access any application at the touch of a button.

Improve communication with candidates

Hireday keeps your candidates informed by handling all the communication updates throughout the process.

The system issues acknowledgments, updates or rejections on a timely basis to ensure your company projects a professional image at all times.

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