Instant Matching

Find Your Perfect Match

Define your Ideal Candidate

How can you take the guesswork out of recruitment?

Focusing on what you need and want in your perfect hire should be core to any recruitment process. Building your ideal profile gives you a measuring stick against which to compare potential candidates. Luckily, the ideal profile is also at the core of Hireday. We’ll even walk you through the process with a handy template.

Once you’ve locked down your role requirements, our Candidate Compass helps you quickly assess if a candidate has the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to succeed.

This means you get the performer you need rather than a strong candidate who just isn’t right for your role.

How Instant Matching Works

1. Define the Ideal Profile

What skills, experience and traits do candidates need to perform in your role? All your candidates will be measured against these criteria.


2. Receive Applications

Candidates apply on the Hireday platform, completing any assessments you set. Results are displayed on the Candidate Compass, which plots where each candidate sits relative to your ideal profile and all other candidates.

3. Identify the Best Match

Use the Candidate Compass to select the very best candidates for interview. Adjust the weighting and refine the criteria in real time, so that the Compass presents what’s really important to you.

The Appliance of Science

Our Instant Matching technology is based on a multi-dimensional algorithm to match each candidate to the ideal profile.

Sit back and relax while the system does the hard work for you.

In the knowledge that the result will be more accurate, unbiased and an awful lot quicker than you could achieve yourself.