Better candidates. Better fit. Bias-free.

Hireday is a recruitment software that helps you to attract better candidates and get a better return for your money. It tells you how well candidates fit the vacancy in your organisation. And it does it with the minimum of fuss. Forget hunches, gut feelings or school ties. This is recruitment as a science.


We have felt your pain. And done something about it. We’ve been there. Hiring people is a painful and inexact process. Indeed, Hireday was born out of our frustration with the existing process of hiring people.


Technology has dramatically improved so many business processes. But, there hasn’t been a real game changer in recruitment. The process still relies essentially on people having to read through CVs and trying to make sense out of a jumble of data and perceptions.

A better way

We thought there had to be a better way. A simpler way, more fact than intuition-based. And at a price that makes it accessible – even for SMEs recruiting smaller numbers, while also scaling to deliver the functionality that larger companies require. Turns out, there is. We know – because we just built it.

They say you should start the business that you wish already existed, so we created Hireday.

Hireday Leadership




Farid got a first-hand view of the problems facing Hiring Managers while working as a senior IT executive in a FTSE250 company. This was all the impetus he needed to set out to fix the recruitment problem, building a world-class software that makes it easy to find and hire the right people.




Ríonach takes care of the look and feel of all things Hireday. She’s passionate about creating a recruitment platform that’s a pleasure to use & provides the tools companies need to thrive. Prior to Hireday, Ríonach spent a decade as a Consultant helping banking and insurance clients, NGOs and entrepreneurs – getting plenty of travel in along the way.




A rocket scientist and Hireday’s resident boffin! She’s the brains behind the algorithms that make Hireday so different. Nadia’s ground-breaking work provides clear, unbiased insights that enable you make the right hiring decisions quickly and simply.